Park hotel hot springs no A/C and no refund


Park Hotel in Hot Springs, Arkansas appears to have a lot of ambiance but in real life it is just old and without good up keep. A long awaited june anniversary weekend away started at an old musty hotel lobby and we found the public elevators were broken so we were escorted up and old vintage type elevator with open doors to the 4th floor room. We were told to call the lobby so the elevator could be brought to us when we wanted to come down. It only WORSENED then.

Our room was very small and and smelled musty but it was HOT. I am talking it was 102 outside and 89 inside. My wife and i tried to adjust the A/C thinking it was just off but realized there was only a vent connected to a duct that ran down the outside hall and it would not blow cool air. no way to adjust or set temperature. The room phone did not work so i walked down to the lobby and asked if the a/c could be turned on i was told it was on already and that it was just too hot outside. When i pointed out that it was blowing hot air they responded "I thought we finally got it fixed last night."

when i asked for a refund or to have it taken off of my credit card since i was not about to stay in the hotel without a/c in 100+ degree weather the desk girl said that she could not give a refund as it was "policy" and that i could talk to the manager the next day. We left hotel without even sitting on bed or rustling sheet and stayed in a hotel around the corner with COLD a/c.

The manager the next day was not available and the desk *** stated that i should come back the next day. I did this and again was told the manager did not come to work on sundays at all. When i told her SHE was the one to tell me to come back on sunday she said she could give him a phone number to call me. YEah right. no call i called several times after arriving home and tried to cancel on cedit card but since i started to check in i signed a slip so i could not get the charge taken off.

I would NEVER recomend that hotel. Sleep on a bench in the park across the street before making a reservation there. poor hotel, poor furnishings, broken equipment and even worse service.

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